The Design Process

Stained glass windows and door panels can transform your house, flooding the interior with beautiful colours and illuminating the exterior windows of your home at night.
The choice of style and colour can be daunting when contemplating your design so a good place to start can be to identify a particular period you like such as Victorian or Art Nouveau and look to a search engine for some inspiration. Alternatively you may have a very definite idea of the design you are looking for and already have sourced your inspiration, perhaps from a neighbouring house or from your surroundings.
I will use these ideas to provide some initial sketches for you and an a more definite idea of cost. 

Once a final design has been agreed I will produce a definitive quote and move onto detailed drawings.

To help you choose the exact colours and textures you’d like included in your design I will provide you with a set of glass samples which you can then spend time with to confirm your choice.